A Visual Revolution

the world

Consumers say, "I like that, but who makes it and where can I buy it?"

Brands, consumers want to know. Don't miss an opportunity to engage and convert.

Our solution makes the invisible, visible.

QZetta's technology gives brands a new, easy, and accurate way to engage with consumers and
increase sales.
In real time, it identifies market signals and delivers product information to consumers, at the moment of intent – ready to buy, now.
And, it provides powerful analytics that add new dimensions to your media buys, resulting in new consumers for you and your partners.

Perfect Accuracy

From fashion to apparel, decor, sports, and even industrial goods, our system delivers unprecedented accuracy.

Mobile First

As mobile share continues to grow, our solution puts your brand firmly where it belongs - in front of the social generation.

Global Control

Protect your brand's assets, across the world - and deliver tailored content for regional needs.

Call To Action

Decide how you want to engage - sell now, inform, or share your story - you control the consumer experience.

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