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You want to know.

You see something you love on the Internet - anything at all, from fashion to hobbies. And as a consumer, you want answers to these simple questions.

What is it, who makes it, where can I buy it?

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No more frustration!

You want it, and you search for it. You check social and big, online retailers. You find a lot of similar products and dead ends. Well, your hours of frustration are over! With QZetta, brands answer all your questions, right there and then, the moment you want answers.

Instant, accurate, fun.

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Our solution - for you and your favorite brands.

Using QZetta, brands tag images and link content, giving you instant high quality product information, stories, and retailers right then and there, for you - on any website, anywhere, worldwide. Save, share, or buy now - shopping made easy.

It's a visual revolution.

About Our Company

What Do We Do, And Why Do We Do It?

Missing The Opportunity

In today's busy world, consumers want quick and easy answers to questions about products they see online. 

So often we hear from consumers that they see and like something online, and then spend frustrating hours trying to find and buy the product - often giving up in the process. Brands are missing opportunities to engage and convert. 

We at QZetta are enabling brands to connect with consumers the moment consumers want answers.

Gaining Visibility

Brands, rather than be invisible, take the opportunity to present the content you want anytime a consumer sees your product in an online image.

Imagine having total control over the information you want rendered whenever and wherever a consumer sees your product. No embedding, no image manipulation, no need to distribute any server technology. Instant engagement.

QZetta innovations make the invisible visible. 

About Us

QZetta is a marketing technology development company with patent-pending innovations delivering groundbreaking technology in the visual marketing space.

Founded and located in Colorado by seasoned entrepreneurs, technologists, and marketers, QZetta Inc. is a DE Corporation with a mission to deliver a superior, game-changing product for brands and their customers.

QZetta makes the world shoppable.

A Zettabyte of Internet Traffic

A zettabyte is 10 to the power of 21 bytes... or the amount of traffic over the Internet in recent years.

From Q to A, Instantly

From Q to A... consumers have questions, brands have answers.