What Is It?

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Who Makes It?

Question #2

Where Do I Get It?

Question #3

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What is it?

You see something you love on the Internet - anything at all, from a sweater to a desk lamp. And as a consumer, you want to know the answers to three simple questions - what is it, who makes it, where do I get it?

Who makes it?

As a consumer today, you might try to describe the desk lamp or to look at Pinterest to find similar items. But the upcoming QZetta solution tells you the answers.

Accurately, immediately

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Where do I get it?

Using QZetta's straightforward platform, brands can put their shopping carts right next to the image that inspired the consumer - on any website, anywhere.

It's a visual revolution.

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About Our Company

What Do We Do, And Why Do We Do It?

Missing The Opportunity

QZetta was born out of frustration. Why couldn't Eben find simple answers to simple questions about products in online images. 

Our founder and CEO, Eben Johnson, is an avid classic car restorer who was seeking information for a 1972 Citröen SM project he was working on. Much to his dismay, while there are plenty of images across the Internet, finding the right information was extremely elusive. He realized that brands and manufacturers were missing the opportunity to connect with him. 

To him they were invisible, and they had no idea he was a potential customer.

Gaining Visibility

If you are not in control of imagery on the Internet containing your brand or product, your photos may as well be invisible.

Now imagine instead having total control over the information you want to be seen whenever a user views your brand's images. You wouldn't have to create the information a thousand times, but just once... and then users would see it alongside every rendering of that same image, everywhere, instantly – no embedding, no image manipulation, no need to distribute any server technology.

QZetta innovations make the invisible visible. 

About Us

QZetta is an early stage startup with patent-pending innovations focused on delivering groundbreaking technology in the visual marketing space.

Founded 2016 in Longmont, Colorado and incorporated 2017 by seasoned entrepreneurs, technologists and marketers, QZetta Inc. a Delaware Corporation with a mission to deliver a superior, game-changing product that will ultimately disrupt the way brands and manufacturers engage with consumers.

We look forward to delivering exceptional value for our customers, our early investors, our team, and of course, the tens of millions of users who will enjoy the opportunity to interact with the brands they love. 

The Origins of...

That's A Weird Name, Right?

A zettabyte of Internet Traffic

A zettabyte is 10 to the power of 21 bytes... or the amount of traffic over the Internet in 2016.

From Q to A, Instantly

From Q to A... consumers have questions, brands have the answers.

QZetta, power to the brands.

Contact us to learn how we make the invisible, visible.